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Other resources provides links to other web knowledge bases and guides which will supplement this wiki.

For nonprofits and social enterprises without strong IT capacities: Affordable, simple tools to collect data, communicate with clients, and measure impact. Including: Digital Data Collection Apps, SMS Communication Platforms, Geospatial Mapping Tools, and Remote Sensors.

There are many mobile phone applications (referred to as platforms) which will allow you to build a mobile data collection survey. These platforms will allow you to customise the survey to collect specific data as required, such as photographs, information from a list selection, voice recordings, GPS coordinates, etc. Platforms vary in ease of use, cost, and features.

We discuss how mobile technology can improve data collection for development programming, M&E, and other applications. Well-known platforms such as Magpi, Mobenzi, Ushahidi/CrowdMap, and FrontlineSMS are compared to give a sense of what capabilities exist and what resources are necessary to start collecting data with mobile devices. Finally, we outline a process for creating an organizational strategy around mobile technology.

The NOMAD project links aid organizations with the latest information management tools to more easily collect, analyse and manage data. NOMAD has developed an Online Selection Assistant to connect your organization or project with one of 31 mobile data collection solutions.

This document is intended to be a starting point for anyone who is considering doing mobile data collection. A number of colleagues at LSHTM submitted replies to a question about current practice in this area and this is a collation of their responses and opinions.

With the recent announcement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for the next fifteen years, it’s clear that there will be more intense scrutiny on organizations to deliver work which yields strong, quantifiable results. This means it’s now more important than ever to make sure you’re using the right mobile data collection tool. However, there are so many tools out there that it can be overwhelming to decide on the right one. At TaroWorks, we speak to lots of organizations at the early stages of looking for tools, and want to share 5 major themes that come up consistently, so that you can find the most appropriate one that allows you to focus on making an impact.

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