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Mobile Technology in Support of Field Research

This wiki site is intended to be a knowledge base of technologies, tools, strategies and best practices to support academic research conducted in the field using mobile technologies. The focus will be on data collection but it will also cover issues like safe and secure storage of data when away from the campus infrastructure.

The wiki was initiated on 1 September 2015 and was in its initial development stage until 31 December 2015. From that point on it depends on input from the internet community for further development. Please log in and contribute content based on your own expertise and experience with these resources. If you prefer, please send questions, comments or suggestions to Wayne Johnston at the University of Guelph (

This project was made possible by a Research in Librarianship Grant from the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL).

Data collection
• • App creation
• • • OpenRosa
• • App development
• • Survey software
• • SMS
• • Mobile DBMS
• • Specialist devices
• • Specialist software
Mobile mapping
Data storage
• • Cloud storage
• • Access to campus storage
Data transfer
Data security
Device protection
Remote data access

Other resources
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For visitors of this wiki

Your input will be most welcome to ensure that the contents of this knowledge-base are accurate and up to date.